08 March 2018

My Skincare Routine - Postpartum Edition

My skincare routine is something that is rather special to me. It’s my me time. As a new parent, having that time to myself is really important. It’s a reminder that I’m more than just a caregiver to a little boy, that I have to care for myself as well if I want to be the best mom I can be for him. I may be a mom, but I’m still me. A very tired me!

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Depending on the amount of time I have, and products on hand, my routine can be the bare bones basic or a full blown ten step Korean routine, it really varies. It's gotten a lot easier now that Joey is six months old. Those first few months it was really hectic finding any time to myself!

The routine I’m laying out is my general routine if I have a lot of time to devote to my skincare.

04 March 2018

Eat Like Donald Trump?

I just saw this on youtube and it was too funny not to share.

Does our president really eat like this? You'd think that someone who came from such money would eat better than all of that junk. I am in no way a Trump fan at all, I just wonder how accurate this video is to be honest. How can a human being live off of that much Diet Coke? I kinda feel sick just watching this.

13 February 2018

Song of the Night

I haven't done one of these in a while, and I'm in a Willam mood so here's the song of the night!

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05 January 2018

Hurricanes Suck

Hurricanes fucking suck.

It's been years since we'd been hit hard with a storm, so when Irma was coming in hot we were a little irritated. Weekend plans totally ruined. Yard is gonna flood, just one big inconvenience.

I was feeling pretty calm, mainly because we've been through this song and dance many times before. We are Floridians, we got this.

12 November 2017

Review: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

One of my favorite things about myself is my hair. I've always put a little more care into taking care of it versus other things in my life, and it's always shown for it. Vitamins, oils, shampoos, treatments, I've tried it all.

The most recent thing I've tried is the Tea Tree Oil shampoo from Maple Holistics.

17 October 2017

I Almost Died In Childbirth: My HELLP Story

I had my baby!

August 9, 2017
Joey was born on August 8, 2017 at 1:42 in the morning via emergency c-section.

He unexpectedly arrived roughly a month early, at 36 weeks gestation, due to me having severe preeclampsia which developed into HELLP syndrome.

I know birth stories aren't exactly everyone's bag, so please feel free to skip this post if you aren't into that kind of thing!

02 June 2017

A Lot Has Changed

I know I've been really MIA lately. This last six months has been a whirlwind of events that have essentially set my life on it's ear.

I managed to make it through the depression of losing my father then I suddenly lost my aunt in January. She had a brain aneurysm on a Sunday and was gone by Tuesday. No signs, just feeling a bit off and then suddenly gone.

Then in February we found out that I'm pregnant! We hadn't really been trying, I just stopped taking my birth control and left it in God's hands. Some people I know have taken over a year to conceive so I didn't expect anything right away, but we were one and done!

27 December 2016

Dear 2016, Please Stop

2016 seriously has absolutely no chill. 

Today we lost not only a great actress, but an advocate for mental health. 

For me, growing up, Carrie was an icon. What little girl didn't want to be Princess Leia? (I'll admit, I went through a phase where I wanted to be Lando Calrissian- don't judge me 😝)

As I got older I saw how she was very outspoken about her struggles with her own bipolar diagnosis. Knowing that she was her own best advocate makes me want to fight even harder for my own mental health, to fight for better funding for mental health awareness and treatment.  

She will be greatly missed by many. 

She is now one with the Force. 

Tonight I will start a marathon of the Star Wars movies. 

17 December 2016

Song of the Night

Twenty years later and this song is still relevant af. 

Ignore the slideshow, listen to the lyrics. 

I wish I could stay optimistic about the future given the current political state of my nation, but sadly it's impossible. 

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08 December 2016

Big Life Changes

My life has had a significant change.

My father passed away almost two weeks ago now.

He passed away on November 28th from complications of stage four lung cancer. My mother told me the next morning, on my birthday of all days.

Since I am the only child he associates with I was the one who had to take care of his arrangements. It isn't something that I ever assumed I'd be doing at the age of 32.

Oddly enough, things have been easier than I imagined. I have a feeling that it won't truly hit me until I get his ashes home to me, when I get the death certificate. I have been very preoccupied trying to get everything done and tell the people who need to know that he's gone.

I worry that one day I'll forget what his voice sounds like, his laugh or the way he smelled.

I'm sad that my children will never get the chance to meet their grandfather, and that they will be like me growing up thinking that people only have a grandmother.

I am comforted by the fact that he isn't in pain anymore, that he's with his family as he was the last surviving sibling.

Cherish your family. Tell them you love them. Spend time with them. You never know when they won't be there anymore.

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15 November 2016

Song of the Night

I heard this on Simply Kpop the other night for the first time and fell in love. This MV is so cute!

I love TWICE so much. 

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14 November 2016

Lost Posts: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

(This is yet another "lost post" that has been sitting in my drafts for a very long time. I did have to retake some pictures since the product pictures were taken on my old burner phone and looked horrifying.)

Of all of the things I got from my Etude House haul last week, I am the most in love with the Surprise Essence concealer. 


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